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​​Semester 2, 2017

  • Year 12 QCS students do not pick a club - you are in QCS preparation during this time.
  • REA, Soul band and Cheerleading students remain in their Semester 1 Club

Animal welfare
Miss L. Smith, 28 Students, Costs involved

  • Students will learn the concepts of animal training with the opportunity to practice training their own animals (at home).
  • Videos of students training their own animals will be used in class to discuss and further build students' training skills.
  • Opportunities will also include learning about various animals and their care, animal welfare and ethics, building toys, and the possibility of guest visitors and excursions. 

Art club
Ms Osborne, 28 Students, No cost

  • This group will consist of various art tasks. Some of these will include upside down drawing (drawing what you see, not what you know), basic cartoon drawing, sketching, charcoal drawing, pattern design, etc.
  • I will be open to ideas as we move through the semester.

Ms Fatnowna, 28 Students, No cost

  • Try something new and stay out of the sun!
  • Badminton is harder and faster than tennis, but on a smaller court and inside the hall. 
  • Join this club for fitness, competition and fun!

Dr Inder, 28 Students, No cost

  • Are you looking for a sport to play on Wednesday afternoon that is fun and challenging? 
  • Come and join basketball where we dunk, dribble and alley-oop all afternoon long!
  • See if you can beat the hooter and shoot your team to victory!
Cheerleading and Rock Pop Mime
Mrs Gray, 28 students, Costs involved

  • Competitive Cheer students will choreograph and rehearse 3 routines for competitions and school/community events.
  • Cheer is an extracurricular activity that involves not only a commitment of time but also a financial commitment to pay for competitions, uniforms and costumes. Approximately $200 for new members.
  • Existing members have already purchased uniforms and therefore will only have to pay for travel and competitions.
  • We rehearse on Wednesday in Club time, Thursday mornings and additional training times will be arranged as competitions approach. The team are going to fundraise this year to reduce the financial cost.
  • Rock Pop Mime is an annual dance event held at the Mackay Botanical Gardens in Term 3.
  • Students who have auditioned and been selected to represent Mirani SHS will work on their performance in Club time.
  • Students will choreograph, rehearse, design and make costumes and props in Club time. There is a small cost of $50 for costumes and props.

Mr Richards, 28 Students, No cost

  • Challenge yourself. Build your confidence. Upgrade your brain. Do all these things while having a great time in the gnarliest club ever. These are the amazing things you’ll be getting into if you join circus:
    • Juggling
    • Fidget spinner mini circus
    • Poi
    • Unicycle riding (BYO safety gear)
    • Hacky sack – a game of skill using only a small “footbag”
    • Slackline riding (depending on numbers)
    • Mini BMX  (BYO safety gear)
    • Frisbee throwing and tricks

Mrs Richards, 28 Students, No cost

  • ​Drama Club consists of drama games and activities
  • Students will be involved in varous skits and scenes where they will be required to present and participate in all games and activities every lesson.
  • Getting involved is the key! Drama Club is not a bludge class.
  • So if you like Drama games, Drama Club is for you!

Ms Saal and Mr Ravisash, 50 Students, No cost

  • Students are given a structured online environment where they have the freedom to create, push their imaginations to the limit and be creative in ways not possible in the real world. 
  • Students are encouraged to practice appropriate social skills and rely on each other. 
  • They learn to work together, teaching them the benefits of collaboration and teamwork in a way that’s more dynamic than regular classwork. 

Mr Bryant, 28 Students, No cost

  • Mindfulness is about becoming fully aware of the present moment as it unfolds, without judgement or elaboration. It can be brought to any situation. In short, mindfulness is about: 
    • Building a healthier relationship with yourself
    • Feeling less stressed and anxious
    • Less anger
    • Feeling less depressed
    • Improved sleep
    • Improved immune function
    • Greater life satisfaction
    • Improved mood

Mirani ultimate challenge
Miss McArthur and Miss Cope, 56 Students, Costs $10 for Semester

  • In this club you will learn about our world and all the wonderfully strange yet unique activities. You will also learn new skills to compete in challenges to test your skills including:
    • The great chopstick pasta challenge
    • Indoor Olympics 
    • Ninja throwing star contests
    • Taste the difference (between chocolate brands, soft drink brands etc.)
    • Blindfolded origami
    • Ultimate Trivia
    • Balloon Baseball
    • Mirani’s got talent karaoke competition
    • Puzzling championships
    • Snowman soccer
    • Charades
    • Card games –500, UNO
    • So you think you can dance?
    • Blind balloon volleyball
    • Chair basketball
    • And many more...

Movie review
Miss King and Miss Dorey, 56 Students, No cost

  • For students who have a keen interest in broadening their filmic knowledge via watching varied genre Hollywood & independent films (drama, comedy, action, science fiction etc.)
  • Students will be required to analyse & evaluate (e.g. film plots/characters/filmic codes) using a handout provided, then discuss in small groups and share with the class. 
  • Finally they will give the film an overall rating which they have justified in writing/verbally. 
  • Students will also be required to return a parent/guardian signed permission form stating the student is allowed to watch movies rated M by the third week into clubs, to ensure a range of genres can be covered. 

Mr Clutterbuck, 28 Students, No cost

  • Students will be working towards completing individual musical goals, which can include continuing to practice an instrument they already play, completing music theory work, composing music or learning to play a requested instrument.
  • The students will identify their final project to be completed by the end of the Semester once their individual music goal has been established.
  • This club will not simply be a "Music Appreciation" club so there will be very little "just sitting around and listening to music".

Mrs Shew, 28 Students, No cost

  • Teams are required to work together on a Long Term Challenge for up to six weeks to develop creative & original ways to communicate this solution
  • Students perform a 10 minute presentation of the product of their ideas – their Challenge solution – to a panel of judges & an audience on Challenge Day.
  • Must be available to present on 27th August in Mackay
  • Enjoy working to solve problems in a creative way
  • Some skill in one or more areas
  • Required to solve demanding, open-ended Challenges from one of the following categories:
    • Language Literature
    • Science Engineering
    • Social Sciences

Ms Bushell, 28 Students, No cost

  • Wednesday afternoon compete in the Mirani Premier League 7-a-side football competition.
  • Players will compete in a competition to become the Champion Football team
  • The aim of our Mirani Football Club is to promote healthy living and active lifestyles.

Study club
Mr Simson, Miss Ernst and Mr Hollier, 84 Students, No cost

  • Getting good grades at school requires well-developed independent study skills. 
  • Study skills are the tools that enable you to learn effectively.  
  • Not only are sound study skills crucial for confidence and fulfilment in academic life, but they will also be highly valued by you and by those assessing you professionally in the future. 
  • Study Club will help you improve your organization and independent learning skills and in turn help you to get the most out your individual tuition.

Team court sports
Miss Rose, 28 Students, No cost

  • If you can dodge traffic, then you can dodge a ball!
  • Sports may include:
    • Dodgeball
    • European Handball
    • Rounders Cricket
    • Tennis
    • Kick Tennis

Textile exploration
Ms Anderson, 28 Students, Costs $50 for Semester

  • Term 3
    • The application to dyeing and surface decoration to fabric will occur using Eco dyeing, Shibori dyeing possibly soya wax and beading and various other methods as negotiated.
  • Term 4
    • You will be sewing the fabrics to create an object of choice in the given time frame e.g. pillow or bag or quilt top.   
    • You will need a book for notes and a clear file or clear file and refill paper  

Touch football
Mr Lade and Mr Rosier, 56 Students, No cost

  • Come and try a round-robin tournament of touch footy!
  • Make your own teams and compete against each other to see who the champion team is.
  • Boys AND girls are welcome – see who will reign supreme!

Touch typing
Mrs Duncan, 28 Students, No cost

  • You have a 400 word essay due. Because you are a 2 finger at a time ‘typer’ you groan because you know that for you to type up the 400 words it’s going to take you forever. 
  • Come along and learn the home keys; then learn how to use and find the other keys. 
  • Become more accurate with practice, type without looking at the keys, and see how many words per minute YOU can type by the end of the semester. 

Mr VK, 28 Students, No cost

  • A fun Wednesday afternoon to participate in casual volleyball games on the grass courts.
  • A nice shady area to get involved and have some fun!

Year 12 - Final year preparations
Miss Sellens, 28 Students, No Cost, Must be in Year 12

  • ​​​Do you want to:
    • Raise money for your formal?
    • Have your say on formal decisions?
    • Participate in fundraising activities?
    • Help organise Year 12 events e.g. graduation?
  • Then step up and make a difference!

Zentangling and book club
Mrs Klarenbeck, 28 Students, No cost

  • Zentangling
    • The art of drawing meditation, where repeated patterns provide relaxation and a stress-free style of drawing. If you love doodling, drawing patterns, interesting designs or just colouring in, then this is the club for you.  (No Technology Allowed)
  • Book Club
    • If you like quiet cosy corners, the thrill of plot - driven murder, zombies, vampires or aliens then Book club is for you.  While away the afternoon in air-conditioned comfort with your favourite author and novel.  However there is no technology allowed.  No phones, laptops or devices.  Just you and story.