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​​Semester 1, 2018

  • Year 12 QCS students do not pick a club - you are in QCS preparation during this time.

All things flowers
Mrs Shew, 28 Students, No cost

  • This is your opportunity to combine your artistic and creative skills to create ANZAC wreaths for Mirani students to lay at around 15 services throughout the district.
  • We will also be working on beautifying the school grounds.
  • A bonus will be the chance to take part in a sunflower growing competition.

The Animagic Club - Cartooning and stop-motion animation
Mr Richards, 25 Students, No cost

  • Stop motion animation is the magic of giving life to action figures, stick people and lumps of clay. e.g. Shawn the Sheep. Bring them to life.
  • This club gives you the chance to go behind the scenes and create your own animated masterpieces. 
  • See your creations take shape from idea, to story design, through to filming and publishing.
  • Be prepared to work hard. Animation takes patience.
Art club
Ms Osborne, 28 Students, No cost

  • This group will consist of various art tasks. Some of these will include upside down drawing (drawing what you see, not what you know), basic cartoon drawing, sketching, charcoal drawing, pattern design, etc.
  • I will be open to ideas as we move through the Semester.

Board games
Miss Rose, 30 Students, No cost

  • Alone or with friends? 
  • Play at your own pace. Beginner or Pro? 
  • Discover and Master. 
  • Learn new games or improve your skills at your favourite games, all at your own pace. 
  • Need new challenges? Then Let's try! 
  • Students will learn the art of strategy, teamwork and competition.
  • Design your own board game.

Mr Miles, 30 Students, No cost

  • Basketball: Everyone’s game!  
  • Fast paced team competition for all ages. 
  • As part of this group, students will be involved in a 5 team round robin competition
Book club
Miss Nielsen, 30 Students, No cost

  • If you like quiet cosy corners, the thrill of plot - driven murder, zombies, vampires or aliens then Book club is for you.  
  • While away the afternoon in air-conditioned comfort with your favourite author and novel.  
  • Students will be required to review their novels and share thoughts and ideas with fellow club members.
  • No technology allowed.  No phones, laptops or devices.  Just you and story. 

Cheerleading (competitive and non-competitive)
Mrs Elms and Mrs M. Smith, 50 students, Costs involved for competitive

  • Competitive
    • Come and join in our Cheer Squad. Competitive and non-competitive welcome.
    • Competitive Cheer students will choreograph and rehearse 3 routines for competitions and school/community events. 
    • Cheer is an extracurricular activity that involves not only a commitment of time but also a financial commitment to pay for competitions, uniforms and costumes. Approximately $200 for new members. 
    • Existing members have already purchased uniforms and therefore will only have to pay for travel and competitions.  
    • We rehearse on Wednesday in Club time, and additional training times will be arranged as competitions approach. The team are going to fundraise this year to reduce the financial cost. ​
  • Non-competitive
    • This team is for students who want to have fun without the stress of competition or the financial expense. 
    • This smaller team will choreograph routines in the spirit of Valley Pride.

Film making club
Ms Dorey, 28 Students, No cost

  • Love movies?  Have ideas for movies of your own? Do you sometimes dream of having your name mentioned in the same company as Steven Spielberg (Jaws);
  • The Mirani High Moviemakers Club will work together to make your short film ideas a reality!  There are a number of student film competitions around Australia and the world just waiting for your masterpiece to win.  
  • Our aim is to work together and make a short film each term to enter into competitions and share your creations with the world – all your ideas, all your talent, all your fame and glory awaits.

Ms Bushell, 30 Students, No cost

  • Futsal is the only form of 'indoor football' or 'five-a-side' that is officially approved by FIFA and Football Federation Australia.
  • Games are usually fast-paced, with players receiving more touches and are constantly placed in demanding decision making situations with limited space.
  • Join us for some social games of Futsal in the Hall

Mr Ravisash, 25 Students, No cost

  • Students are given a structured online environment where they have the freedom to create, push their imaginations to the limit and be creative in ways not possible in the real world. 
  • Students are encouraged to practice appropriate social skills and rely on each other. 
  • They learn to work together, teaching them the benefits of collaboration and teamwork in a way that’s more dynamic than regular classwork. 

Groovy smoothies
Mrs Saal, 10 Students, Costs $20

  • What is it?
    • Groovy Smoothies is a juice bar that creates fruit juice drinks, smoothies, mocktails and milkshakes.
  • What will I do?
    • Create delicious beverage combinations
    • Make and serve fruit juice drinks, smoothies, mocktails and milkshakes for staff and students
  • What will I learn?
    • Understand the fundamentals about running a business venture
    • Hospitality skills
    • Team building skills

Ms Termine and Miss Smith, 30 Students, No cost

  • Do you want to be challenged both physically and mentally? Then handball is for you
  • Handball is a popular, spectacular, dynamic and exciting sport for everyone. 
  • Handball is a challenging sport both mentally and physically and this is why it is a fascinating and attractive game! It keeps you fit, healthy. It promotes diverse tactics and strategies. It is a dynamic, fast and fun sport.

Jigsaw puzzle group
Ms Fatnowna, 30 Students, No cost

  • Enjoy a relaxing afternoon doing jigsaw puzzles. 
  • Apart from entertaining it has many benefits: 
    • Works your brain abilities, both sides, the creative to imagine the finished image and the logical to work the pieces. 
    • It exercises concentration, attention, patience, analysis, planning, memory, aesthetics, and much more.

Mrs Lade, 30 Students, No cost

  • Mirgaz is the school magazine which is published once a year and is available to all students to purchase.  
  • It is a collection of the yearly events and memories such as Swimming Carnival, Athletics Carnvial etc. and each year level has their own specific year level pages.  
  • As this is a magazine for the student body, we are looking for students who would like to be a part of compiling this magazine for all/any year levels.  
  • Students will learn to use Indesign which is the program currently used to create pages.  
  • If you would like to be a part of the Mirgaz committee, please sign up for this club!

Movie review
Miss King and Miss Dorey, 56 Students, No cost

  • For students who have a keen interest in broadening their filmic knowledge via watching varied genre Hollywood & independent films (drama, comedy, action, science fiction etc.)
  • Students will be required to analyse & evaluate (e.g. film plots/characters/filmic codes) using a handout provided, then discuss in small groups and share with the class. 
  • Finally they will give the film an overall rating which they have justified in writing/verbally. 
  • Students will also be required to return a parent/guardian signed permission form stating the student is allowed to watch movies rated M by the third week into clubs, to ensure a range of genres can be covered. 

Mr Clutterbuck, 25 Students, No cost

  • Students will be working towards completing individual musical goals, which can include continuing to practice an instrument they already play, completing music theory work, composing music or learning to play a requested instrument.
  • The students will identify their final project to be completed by the end of the Semester once their individual music goal has been established.
  • This club will not simply be a "Music Appreciation" club so there will be very little "just sitting around and listening to music".

Dr Inder and Ms Duncan, 50 Students, No cost

  • Are you looking for a sport to play on Wednesday afternoon that is fun and challenging? 
  • Do you want to play a sport that is friendly and meet new people? 
  • Then netball is the sport for you! Come and join us in the hall every Wednesday afternoon for fun and fast games of netball. 
  •  I hope you didn’t think netball was just a sport for girls – boys are also welcome (if they are up to the challenge…..)

Re-Engineering Australia (REA)
Mr Aitken (15 Students) and Mr Jarrett (15 Students), Costs $20

  • We are looking for students interested in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).
  • Use 3D modelling computer software and CNC machinery to design and manufacture miniature gas powered F1 cars.

​Rugby league
Mr Rosier, Ms Savage, Ms Richards and Miss Sellens, 70 Students, No cost, Male only

  • School Team Selection & Training
  • Age Groups U13, U15, U19 Boys School Competition on Wednesday afternoons starting Mid-Term 1 if selected to play for school team.
  • If you don’t want to play or can’t commit after school time DO NOT sign up.
  • Bring spare clothes & boots, mouthguard

Study club
Mr Hollier, Mr Bell, 60 Students, No cost

  • Getting good grades at school requires well-developed independent study skills. 
  • Study skills are the tools that enable you to learn effectively.  
  • Not only are sound study skills crucial for confidence and fulfilment in academic life, but they will also be highly valued by you and by those assessing you professionally in the future. 
  • Study Club will help you improve your organization and independent learning skills and in turn help you to get the most out your individual tuition.

Table tennis
Mr Jenkins, 28 Students, No cost

  • Do you want to be involved in a sport as an individual or with a partner?
  • Do you enjoy playing a fast paced competitive sport?
  • When played at an intense rate, this sport can be a great way to burn calories and get fit. ... 
  • Playing improves hand-eye coordination and it stimulates mental alertness, concentration and tactical strategy.
  • If this suits you then TABLE TENNIS is for you.

Team court sports
Mr Vankerkhof and Ms Pearce, 30 Students, No cost

  • If you can dodge traffic, then you can dodge a ball!
  • Sports may include:
    • Dodgeball
    • European Handball
    • Rounders Cricket
    • Tennis
    • Kick Tennis
  • Join in for Wednesday afternoons full of fun and variety! 

Year 12 - Final year preparations
Miss Sellens, 28 Students, No Cost, Must be in Year 12

  • ​​​Do you want to:
    • Raise money for your formal?
    • Have your say on formal decisions?
    • Participate in fundraising activities?
    • Help organise Year 12 events e.g. graduation?
  • Then step up and make a difference!

Ms Davis, 28 Students, Costs $20

  • The research suggests that Teenagers today are living in a more demanding, pressured and stressful time than ever before and that incorporating aspects of Yoga and Mindfulness significantly lowers stress levels, can help reduce anxiety, enhances concentration and improves sleeping patterns. 
  • During this class students will learn skills that they can adopt in their everyday lives to better equip them to be confident, grounded, relaxed and most importantly happy!

Young chef
Mrs Anderson, 24 Students, Costs $20

  • Students will learn the skill of table presentation and advance cookery skills used in the making and presenting of a meal in a set time.
  • Students will use their culinary skills to compete against each other for the final team to go to the Mackay Rotary Young Chef cook off in May in Mackay. 
  • Once selected students will need to be available on Tuesday afternoons – 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm in Term 2 for practice sessions before the competition.
  • The competition is divided into Junior Year 7 – 10 or Senior Year 11 – 12.

Zentangling and book club
Mrs Klarenbeck, 20 Students, No cost

  • Are you stressed? Tired? Do you want a chance to relax in glorious Air-Con?  Come to Zentangles and create magnificent art without stress. Zentangles is the art of creating patterns through line art. This is the sort of art where you draw and grow the pattern without limitation. It is a form of meditation and helps take the pressure away.